About Us

Founded by Cameron McNeal in Los Angeles, California in 2017, Fyrefit is a mindset-inspired athletic brand for men and women. For what started off as a way of thinking to get through difficult times, then became something he used to get through his daily workout routines. The combination was FYRE! Soon this became a lifestyle and brand that he felt was his responsibility to share with the world. 

Here at Fyrefit, our motto is to FUEL YOUR REASON EVERYDAY. 

Fyre is one of the strongest elements on the planet. The smallest flame can brighten up the darkest room. Fyre can also destroy everything in its path, but when Fyre is controlled it can do some incredible things. We are here to show you how to use the wildfyre that lives inside of you to achieve any fitness goal you can set your mind to. First you need something to burn, and you need a reason to burn it. You see, Fyre needs FUEL to survive. Allow us to show you how to use F.Y.R.E. and more importantly,"Y".   

"Y" Fyre? There are many things in life that make us uncomfortable. At times these things have the tendency to make us feel less than who we truly are. We all have different reasons "Y" we would like to achieve our fitness goals. The "Y" represents YOU and YOUR reason, which is extremely important to us. We don't just want you to wear Fyrefit, we want you to understand "Y" you're wearing it. When you choose to wear Fyrefit you are telling yourself that you will burn through any obstacle life throws your way.

We are not here to fit in. We are here to stand out. The way to use F.Y.R.E is to take all the things that make you uncomfortable and use them as fuel to achieve your fitness goals. Find your REASON and fuel it EVERYDAY!